The Elephant Chair, designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl, is a modern interpretation of Scandinavian minimalism combined with Japanese aesthetics.

The design is inspired by Danish upholstered chairs of the 1950s while drawing visible characteristics from the already iconic Mammoth Chair. The result is a light and elegant lounge chair where the Elephant ear shaped back gently curves around the body, providing superior comfort.

The Elephant chair is hand-crafted with a solid oak wood frame. The chair comes in three frame variations; natural, dark stained and black, and can be upholstered with leather and wool.

The seat and back are made from the highest quality compression moulded oak veneer shells. The two shells are pressed in the same press mould, and surround the body in a light soft curve. The legs are designed as one single profile without any visible joints. This enriches the experience of the material strength and exchange between the light and heavy dimensions; elegant and simple but sturdy without being clumsy.

Manufacturer      NORR11

Collection            Elephant

Designer              Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl

Material               Fabric: wool / vintage leather / sheepskin

                              Frame: solid oak

                              Seat and back: laminated oak veneer

Height                 96 cm

Width                  75 cm

Depth                  80 cm

Seat height         38 cm

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